Why Use Eco Products?


Eco products are produced from materials and use processes that are a significant environmental improvement on traditional materials or manufacturing. For example, they minimise or avoid the use of non-renewable resources, they foster or involve reuse and recycling, and they greatly decrease the negative effects of product disposal, by eg being biodegradable.
The eco products that we source and supply need to satisfy at least 2 of the following criteria:

  • Be recycled, and/or
  • Be biodegradable, and/or
  • Be sustainable, and/or
  • Be organic, and/or
  • Be reusable, and/or
  • Have an identifiable reduced impact on the environment

Carbon Offsets
The use of eco materials and processes typically result in products with lower life-cycle carbon emissions. But we go further - using a Life Cycle Analysis we progressivley estimate the emissions resulting from the manufacture, transport, use and eventual disposal of the products that you order from us and then make a contribution to offsetting these emissions with VERs (Verified Emission Reduction units), VCUs (Verified Carbon Units) or verified equivalent.

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BuyEcoGreen is a one–stop online specialist retailer featuring an amazing collection of innovative eco products for home, school, office, and art & craft.

We aim to make it easy and cost effective to source the functional eco products you need to green your home, school, office or workplace. We help you to shop responsibly by doing the research and supplying the best genuine eco products around. We try to make it easy for you to satisfy your desire for more sustainable products that are competitive in price and performance.

Our goal is to be part of the Australian transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. We’ve looked at the way traditional office, school and craft products are made and think that there’s a better, more sustainable way to source, produce and supply them.

Here to stay

The original parent company, Ecopaper Pty Ltd, was established back in the 1980s and over the years has helped thousands of individuals and businesses to experience the benefits of using recycled and other eco products. In Novemebr 2018, the new parent company Mehta Pty Ltd has taken on this mantle into the future.

When you choose to buy from BuyEcoGreen you can be confident that you are dealing with a long established, professional, ethical business.

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Over the years our parent company, Ecopaper Pty Ltd, has received many comments from happy customers and businesses.
Here are just a few of these:

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and the pens are lovely!
Joo Lee, LB, Victoria

Just wanted to say we got the folders and tubes. Love the quality of the presentation folders. Thanks again.
Vicki, BMG, NSW

Thanks for the speedy delivery of my last order …I’ve never tried the cornstarch rulers before and will now definitely be adding them to my product list.
Linda, GH, QLD

The bamboo USBs look great and feel so smooth. Cool!
Mark, GT, QLD

Wow that was fast. Thanks for getting the bags done in time!
Melinda, IRW, NSW

That’s fantastic! The colour is perfect on our notepads on the recycled cream paper.
Vicki, RI, Vanuatu

Thanks so much for the products you sent. Compliments also to the packaging you use.
Michael, DCSI, Victoria

Our delivery of thick rainbow pencils has arrived. They look (and smell) great. Thanks for all of your efforts.
Maryanne, AG, NSW

Gotta love that sort of quick efficient service!
Peter, RVC, NSW