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Eco Friendly Pens, Pencils & Stationery

Small things can have big impacts. Every year over 10 billion plastic pens worldwide are thrown out and end up in landfill. In Australia alone, over 140 million pens are sold annually, with the majority discarded after a single use and ending up as long-term problematic waste. This results in around 700 tonnes or 1100 cu metres of plastic waste being dumped in local government landfill sites across Australia.

Now there are better alternatives: Eco Pens made from recycled paper, biodegradable cornstarch, recycled plastic, FSC-certified wood, and sustainable bamboo.

Colour and graphite ('lead') pencils are a delight to use and brighten up our lives. Like all products however, their manufacture should take place in an environmentally responsible way. Many pencils sold cheaply in Australia today are encased in rainforest timbers from South-East Asia. Their cost does not reflect the true cost of unsustainable forestry practices. Nor are many of the timbers used truly suitable for pencils - poor sharpening, splintering and breakage are the consequences.

Now there are better alternatives: Eco Pencils made from recycled paper, biodegradable cornstarch, FSC-certified wood, and more.

Products in this category include: Recycled Paper Pens & Pencils; Cornstarch Pens; Recycled Plastic Pens; FSC-certified timber Pens & Pencils; Sustainable Bamboo Pens; Sustainable timber Pencils; Markers & Highlighters; Mechanical Pencils; Crayons & Chalk.

Accessories that you see in every office, such as staplers, rulers, scissors, hole punches, calculators, stamps,  and the like do not need to be made of fossil-fuel based virgin plastic or energy-intensive metal. Now there are alternatives that use less wasteful and more sustainable materials such as: biodegradable cornstarch, sustainable bamboo, biodegradable sellotape, and recycled plastic.

Products in this category include: Cornstarch and timber Sharpeners; Recycled Plastic Rulers and Cornstarch Rulers; PVC-free Erasers; Biodegradable Sticky Tape; Organic Cotton and Sustainable Bamboo Pencil Cases; Recycled Staplers, Scissors, HolePunches, Calculators & Accessories; and Recycled Office Stamps.

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