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Our website and your use of it is Carbon Neutral, with the CO2 emissions being offset by a Danish government sponsored abatement project.

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Welcome to BuyEcoGreen

BuyEcoGreen is an online shop specialising in green office supplies, school supplies and art and craft products. The store is a division of a long established Australian business, Ecopaper Pty Ltd, specialising in recycled and eco products. Our goal is to be part of the Australian transition to a more sustainable lifestyle: especially in the area of eco friendly and sustainable office supplies. We’ve looked at the way traditional office, school and craft products are made and think that there’s a better, more sustainable way to source, produce and supply them.

Find out More about our green office product range, our carbon offsets, who we are, and What Our Customers Say.

The products that we supply need to satisfy at least two of our environmental criteria which include being recycled, biodegradable, reusable, sustainable, organic and having a reduced impact on the environment

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