Eco Friendly Markers

Eco Friendly Markers

Eco Friendly Markers

A range of markers: text highlighters, whiteboard and permanent markers. Marker body made from Recycled Paper & wax instead of aluminium or plastic. End & cap made from polypropylene. Nordic Ecolabel.

Also a unique Text Highlighter made from sustainable timber - a Thick Pencil Text Marker in Yellow. This one will never dry out and when it's finished, it's all used up - no waste!

BeGreen Whiteboard Marker

BeGreen Whiteboard Marker


A technical innovation, the V-BOARD MASTER is a refillable, liquid ink whiteboard marker pen. The new ink irrigation system allows for instant writing without shaking or pumping as well as a constant ink flow: gone is the marker which writes less and less the more it is used! You will be delighted with the intensity and luminosity of the colours of the V-BOARD MASTER. This marker is part of the Be..

Ex Tax: $3.20
BeGreen Whiteboard Marker - Small

BeGreen Whiteboard Marker - Small


A marker that glides across the whiteboard like a shooting star, leaving a sparkling message… It’s brilliant! It is the V Board Master S. Fine in body and spirit , it is incredibly agile in little hands, even resisting under pressure. Its extra- or ultra- fine tips set the tone in black, blue, or red, down to the last drop. Refillable, it is economical and environmentally friendly. Its anti-leak s..

Ex Tax: $3.00
Eco permanent marker

Eco permanent marker "Maxx 130" color assorted, 4 pcs.


The Schneider "Maxx 130" are permanent markers with a round tip, which are ideal for labelling cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, metal, wood and almost all other materials. The markings dry quickly, are waterproof and lightfast. The cap-off ink will not dry out even if the marker is left open for 2 to 3 days. The permanent markers have a low odour and can be refilled with the Maxx 640 refill stati..

Ex Tax: $15.00
Eco Textmarker

Eco Textmarker " Highlighter 24”


Refillable highlighter The highlighter "Highlighter 24" from the "EcoLine" series from edding convinces with high color brilliance and environmental compatibility. The stock consists mainly of the renewable raw material sugarcane. The bright color is water-based, solvent-free and odorless. The Blue Angel awarded highlighter is refillable and suitable for all common types of paper. Wedge tip with a..

Ex Tax: $4.00
Recycled BeGreen Twin Marker (Black)

Recycled BeGreen Twin Marker (Black)


The Twin Marker is a marker pen which is free from toxic solvents. Its fast drying, permanent ink is water and light resistant. The highly practical double tip allows you to combine two complementary stroke sizes (fine and superfine). This Twin Marker is part of the Begreen range, manufactured from recycled plastic.Made with 76.1% of recycled plastic (excluding consumables), to reduce our impact o..

Ex Tax: $4.50
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