Testimonials - What our Customers Say



We love feedback: it's great to hear when things are going really well (we put a lot of effort into making sure it does) and it's also vital to hear when things may have gone wrong. While we have built some great systems and have passionate, dedicated staff, we are in the end only human and can occasionally get things wrong. So let us know if something is a problem, and when you appreciate the service and our great range of eco products, let us know about that too!

Here in their own words are what some of our many customers have fed back to us over the past couple of years:

  • Hi guys,    big thank you for my order which arrived today very promptly and safely at the LPO which is often the easiest for the couriers coming to this area. :) very happy.
    It felt like my birthday opening the box! Everything is such beautiful quality, even the box they came in - the paper is the 'real proper good stuff' I remember from many years ago, just love it. Can't wait to get my machine embroidered tea towels & hand towels into them and sell,sell,sell at the local markets!
    Thank you again, cheers
     Jane E, Cuddle Bunnies, Vic.
  • Just wanting to say thank you so much for being wonderfully efficient and friendly business.
    I have been visiting your online store for a few years now to top up my office supplies and have never had one single issue or worry with any of my orders, it is just so refreshing and rare so thank you so very much!
    I will continue to recommend you guys to all of my customers and fellow ethical business owners. Thanks so much again! 
     Danielle, Dirty Hippie Cosmetics.
  • Hello, My order just arrived - very good service - thank you. Cheers Moira D, VIC
  • Dear BEG team, This order arrived today!  Thank you so much for taking extra care to fulill this order and then send it via Express Post. As mentioned earlier, I ordered these as gifts and I am so pleased they arrived before my week's end departure. Oh, and the sets are lovely! Thank you again, Therese, NSW
  • Hi Dave, I spoke to you on the phone yesterday about a problem with my order, I just wanted to let you know the replacement arrived today and is perfect. Thanks for your help and for getting it to me so quickly. Chrystel, Wax & Flame
  • Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of my raffia order. Greatly appreciated, and I look forward to a continual supply throughout 2018, without this I could not be a supplier for my local schools and community groups. :) be ordering again soon. Special thanks to Con who answered my call on Monday and sorted it all for me.  Cheers Karen P
  • Thanks for your quick response. (re some faulty pens) I really appreciate that, understandable about the pens I love your company and never encountered a problem before. Many Thanks, Rebecca
  • Good afternoon BuyEcoGreen team:  Wow! Thanks so much, I already received my order late this morning. Very happy with everything. Susan, Condimental Fine Foods
  • Arrived today! So quick! Thank you  Trudi N
  • Just wanted to say an enormous thank you! Without a doubt, yours was the BEST service I've ever had from any online company. Your quick response to the message I left at your firm - on the weekend - plus the super fast delivery of my order have restored my faith in humanity! I needed this order for a wedding I'm co-ordinating in Melbourne on Friday and needless to say I have one happy client! Thank you so much!  Kind regards Christine C
  • Thank you for processing my order.  It has already arrived today :) one very happy customer. Melika, TTL Collective
  • I received my diaries and notepads today- thank you very much for the speedy dispatch and delivery- I can now get organised for 2017!    PS- I just read your great tip about the express post satchels being recyclable- I didn't realise- so I have just pulled it out of the bin and put it in my soft plastics recycling bag that I drop off to Coles once a week.
    Good one!
      Erika van S, Sustainability Education Consultant
  • Just emailing to let you know the printed swing tags arrived, and they're great. We'll be in touch when we need some more. Thanks!  Matt, Fresh We Stay
  • Hello Buy Eco Green family! Writing to say thank you for your outstanding website, delivery times and packaging of orders!  I was so happy to receive my latest top up this morning and was even happier to find it had been packed using a recycled dress pattern!  I will continue to enjoy your products as well as recommending to my Eco conscious friends. Danielle, Dirty Hippy Cosmetics
  • Thanking you so much for getting this in todays post, I really do appreciate it and if my project is successful I will be re-ording off you again. great service and "can Do" attitude, by you and your team!! Kindest regards Leslee
  • Thank-you for offering these great products. I'm purchasing for my daughter's school supplies and every year I'm amazed & frustrated that the schools don't utilise and promote eco-friendly options. Your products are pretty similar in price to the supplies at mainstream outlets. THANK-YOU!  Nicole J
  • I just wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for your wonderful service and great product!! I'd had a rather unhappy experience with a different packaging company prior to placing my order with you and unfortunately they were very unhelpful but luckily I came across your website and it was the perfect antidote! Offering the service of goods being dispatched the same day and the option to Express Post was exactly what I needed  with a deadline fast approaching and to my delight the product arrived with our lovely postie this morning just as promised! The boxes themselves were great quality and so nice to be able to use a product that not only looks great but is good for our planet too, I'm very glad I found you and wanted to say thank you very much, your efforts are greatly appreciated! I've already been back to place an order for some Christmas gifts and no doubt I will be back again in due course!!!
    Take care
  • Order received.  Love the reuse of packaging and reminder note re: recycling place for the Aussie Post bag.  Well done :-)  Ramona
  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for sending our order through so quickly. It is very much appreciated!  Elisha H
  • wow thank you so much. what fabulous customer service. Really appreciate it.  Janelle A
  • Hey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for having such an amazing website! I have been searching for recycled tissue paper for a very long time and finally came across your website and found so many more amazing products I didn't even know existed. I was very happy with my first order and it arrived so fast! I cannot wait to try many more of your products and can't wait to get some promotional products in the future too. Dianne R
  • Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks!!! They arrived this morning,  that is an amazing turn around especially for Tassie. I am only a small buyer right now but I won't be shopping anywhere else as the 2 times I have bought from you the service has been great. Recommending you to others down here. Cheers again Jo B
  • My parcel arrived & I honestly couldn't be happier with all the items I ordered. Thankyou so very much & I so look forward to shopping again with you very soon. Kindest regards Lea-Ann L
  • Fantastic news, thank you for a swift response - very easy to work with! Ashleigh B NZ
  • fantastic service, well done thankyou - very quick & products arrived the next day & they are great! LD
  • Order arrived today. Thank you for the very swift fulfillment. Looking forward to ordering from you again. Cheers, Andy C
  • just wanted to let you know that the envelopes arrived with perfect timing..and they looked fabulous carrying our wedding invites... We really appreciated all your help! thanks heaps & more! Jojo M
  • Faster than a speeding bullet there is a delivery from EcoGreen waiting for me at 9am this morning!! Talk about prompt!! I only ordered it late on Sunday night and was not expecting it till about Wednesday. Thank you for your efficiency I rely heavily on recycled paper for my business as I am a business that uses recycled products and the paper I purchased was different to what I normally use which I use them to print labels on them and decided to try a different type of thickness for the first time and I am considerably impressed with the quality of paper I bought which is highly important to me. You have won me as a future customer and will certainly be recommending you to others as well. Thank you Kind regards Jeanette B
  • Thank you so much, I did receive the replacement packs in the mail - that is so much appreciated!!!  Just for your info I have attached five photo's of the packs so that you can see where they are missing and that they are not complete. I really appreciate your professionalism in following this up for me and rectifying the problem so quickly - that is just fantastic service and much appreciated! Warmest regards, Leisa W
  • Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly - small business always offers the best service (although, I suspect I am bias on this matter, hehe). Kathryn K
  • Hi there! Thank you very very much for gift wrapping my order.  I really appreciate it knowing that it is not a service you offer or usually provide. My neice is going to be so excited to receive a package addressed to her and find a rainbow bow full of paper to draw on! Thank you Katie M
  • Thanks, that's great service. Happy to have found a great place to get my children's supplies! Kind Regards Rachel L
  • I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have received the order, and the paper and folders are beautiful..I love them! Will definitely be ordering again very soon!  Thanks again, Sarah LC
  • We would just like to say thank you so much for the cellophane and really fast shipping. Market Day was a success and our group made the most profit in our class. Kind Regards, Carly, Bella, Bridget and Hannah
  • Thanks for your help. you guys have the best customer service!  Rochelle K
  • great service thankyou  Lyn & Wayne
  • Thank you for your reply. I agree, recycling plastic is very important and I am a keen recycler of all, or most of my plastics! I wish more people were. It is slowly changing. Thanks for the work you do. : )  Warm regards, Silke D
  • Just wanted to say that my order has already arrived -amazing!! Just love the cards and envelopes will certainly be ordering from you again
  • Cheers one very happy customeaka jo B
  • Thanks so much. Completely understandable and yes we had seen the sample but perhaps it was a far less wrinkly version so we thought it would be okay. Very appreciative of your understanding! (re product not suitable for needs) Warm regards, Suzy T
  • Thanks. Fastest post ever! Safely arrived this morning. Best wishes, Eloise P
  • Thank you so much for your generosity :) that makes my day (re replacing some pens) Regards, Nina S