Eco Pencil Sharpeners

Here are two alternatives to plastic pencil sharpeners: sharpeners made from either sustainable timber or from biodegradable cornstarch.

The sustainable timber pencil sharpener is in wood with a natural finish and has two sharpening holes: one for standard size pencils and one for thick pencils. Perfect for our range of thick colour pencils, rainbow pencils and thick highlighter pencils.

The biodegradable pencil sharpener is in a lid made from biodegradable cornstarch and has a cornstrach bottom for collecting the pencil shavings and keeping your work area clean. This pencil sharpener ifs for standard size pencils.

Wooden Pencil Sharpener

Wooden Pencil Sharpener


Wooden pencil sharpener with 2 sharpening holes: one for standard and one for THICK pencils. Made from sustainable timber. Steel blades. Natural finish; unlacquered. Ideal natural wooden sharpener for your pencil sharpening needs...

Ex Tax: $2.70
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