How to Store your mixed Oil Paints

A common question Leah at Natural Earth Paints gets is.... "After mixing up a large batch of Earth Oil Paint, how do I keep it wet for a long period?" This answer could also apply to any oil paints that you use. Here are a few options (the first is Leah’s favorite)... At the end of a day's painting, scrape any leftover colors into small squares of foil, fold the foil over so that t

New to the Store - A5 Recycled Diaries 2016

Earthcare A5 Diaries (Day to a Page and Week to a View). Great appointment and general diaries: Diaries are made with a 100% Recycled Paper Cover and FSC mixed source paper with a minimum of 60% recycled post-consumer waste. The Diary text is printed with vegetable oil based inks. Wire bound. Cover folds out with a pocket on the inside cover. Opens flat. Usual sections at the front with calenda

New to the Store - Canvas Pencil Cases

New range of Pencil Cases or organisers made from natural canvas with a colour contrast trim and zip closure. Size: 115mm H x 225mm W. Colour trims are black, blue or red. Useful organiser for a range of pens, pencils and accessories for school or other use; cosmetics; first aid items and medications; computer and phone cables; kids items and more. Perfect for school students or anyone who n

New to the Store - Clag Paste

What is it? Clag Paste is a non-toxic paste that is smooth and easy to apply with a brush applicator, making it ideal for use in home, office or school environments. Ideal for cut and paste, papier mache, scrapbooks and collage. Colour: white; dries clear. Made in Australia. Available in 150gms and 300gms soft bottles. What’s special about it? The main ingredient of Clag is wheat st

New to the Store - Eco Alkaline Batteries

Batteries are everywhere! We use them in all sorts of home appliances and in offices: remotes, clocks, timers, smoke alarms, torches, weather stations, toys, power tools, cordless phones, laptops, mobile phones and more. Did you know that each year, more than 300 million household batteries are thrown away with ordinary waste, according to Planet Ark. They estimate a staggering 8,000 tonnes of bat

New to the Store - Eco Natural Recycled Notebooks

Here's a range of practical and attractive Notebooks in 2 sizes with matching recycled paper pens. Eco Natural A5 Notebook  and Small Notebook with elastic closure, page ribbon and pen holder. Come with matching recycled paper click pens. Book sizes: Small: 175mm x 130mm Large (A5) : 220mm x 150mm  Both sizes have 200 pages of lined recycled paper. Book cover is brown recycle

New to the Store - Eco White Cards and Fair Trade Cotton Bags

New in the store are our natural, Free Trade Cotton Shoulder Bags – perfect for conferences, meetings, product launches or just everyday shopping. Certified Free Trade – which means better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. Also new: Feeling creative? Need a top quality blank recycled white card to

New to the Store - Eco White Recycled Envelopes

Great new range of Eco White envelopes to go along with our new range of Eco White cards. Popular sizes for cards: C6 and Greeting Card size, as well as square envelopes (130mm and 150mm square) for invitations, thank yous and DIY cards. We've made these envelopes here in Australia from quality text weight printing paper; 100gsm; Bright White; 100% recycled post-consumer and FSC certified. Bank

New to the Store - GreenWrap ExBox

GreenWrap ExBox is a revolutionary new way of packaging items for sending by post or freight company. Greenwrap is a paper solution to a plastic problem. It replaces plastic bubble wrap and is much more environmentally responsible in its production, use, recycling and disposal. The box contains 134 meters of interleaved brown kraft paper with white tissue. The GreenWrap co

New to the Store - Heart Gift Tags

Perfect for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, birthdays, special events or just for everyday. Small 40mm Heart gift or swing tags with a hole for twine or string. Made from 100% recycled paper: black one side and natural eco brown on the other.

New to the Store - Hemp and Bamboo Cord Cards

Fabulous new colours in our Hemp Cord cards - 4 colours on the one card, 9m of each colour. Shades of Aquamarine, Razzle Dazzle, Harvest and Berry Bar colours. Natural hemp cord or twine is a preferred choice for gift wrapping, scrapbooking, making greeting cards and other crafts, even gardening, and more. The dyes used are eco friendly and Azo-Free (azo compounds are a group of dyes that are p

New to the Store - Jute and Cotton Gift Drawstring Bags

A new range of 2 natural jute or burlap gift bags and 3 natural cotton gifts bags with drawstrings. Natural jute gift bags with a cotton drawstring to close. Jute gift bags are perfect for jewellery, cosmetics, soaps, craft items, treats, books, beads and more. Great for individual small party or wedding gifts. Re-usuable and ultimately biodegradable. For that earthy, natural look use these Jut

NEW to the Store - Large Colour Cellophane Sheets

Ideal for all your gift and product wrapping, craft, collages, window and ‘stained-glass’ projects and more. We now have large sheets of biodegradable Coloured Cellophane in packs of 25 assorted colours.  Colours are Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, Clear, and Purple. Sheet size is Large - 900mm x 1000 mm. This is REAL Cellophane, not plastic. All Cellophane made from cellulose derive

New to the Store - New 100% recycled Tissue Range

At last, a quality range of 100% recycled gift and wrapping tissue in 6 popular colours. 100% recycled tissue. Top grade MF tissue paper. Sheet size 500 x 760mm. Ph neutral. Lovely gift and wrapping tissue and it’s 100% recycled! Made with pride and tradition in the USA. Blind tests conducted by the manufacturer have shown this recycled tissue to be equal to or surpassing the look and feel

New to the Store - new Hemp Twine Colours

We've added 4 new colours to our popular Hemp Twine range: Dark Purple, Orange, Natural and Yellow Hemp twine is a great biodegradable alternative to synthetic and cotton twines and cords. Natural hemp cord or twine is a preferred choice for gift wrapping, scrapbooking, making greeting cards and other crafts, even gardening, and more. The dyes used are eco friendly and Azo-Free (azo compounds a

New to the Store - Recycled Cards with plantable Seeded Paper Inserts

Here’s a great card that features a removable insert, in the shape of a coloured plant pot, just waiting for a creative drawing to be added by you. The insert is made of Australian Seeded Paper, containing the seeds of Brachycome iberidfolia (swan river daisy). The receiver of the card can remove the insert, plant it, and …watch it Grow! Some of the seeds in the paper will germinate under t

New to the Store - A4 Recycled Diaries 2016

Ecowise A4 Diaries ( either Day to a Page or Week to a View). Great appointment diaries: Recycled Diary A4 size.  Diaries are made with a 90% post-consumer FSC Recycled Kraft Board Cover and FSC mixed source recycled paper with a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled pulp. The Diary text is printed with vegetable oil based inks. Wire bound. Hard Cover. Opens flat. A4 = 297mm x 210mm. Ecowi

New to the Shop: Recycled Plastic Packing Tape

What makes this tape special? This is a first in packing tapes: instead of being made from virgin plastic, the film is made from 100% recycled plastic. The cardboard core is 100% recycled paper; and the adhesive is solvent free. The tape is green with 100% recycled tape printed on it so all who receive it can see what it is. Long 66m roll – 16 meters longer than most packaging tape rolls.

Innovative ways to recycle cardboard boxes in the workplace

Introduction:   Do you have a stack of empty boxes lying around? Recycled cardboard boxes, so there's no reason to throw it out. Recycled cardboard boxes is a great way to give them a second life and save space in the recycle bin. With more people than ever before purchasing goods online, the typical household is quickly inundated with cardboard boxes. Good news: there are many resource

Inspirational use of our Enviro Document Boxes!

We recently supplied plain brown recycled Enviro Boxes for the 2013 CEO NSW Indigenous Education Conference held in Wollongong. The folder/boxes were then hand-painted by some of the Aboriginal Education Assistants that work in local schools. The idea was to have an original piece of art that was also unique, done by an Indigenous artist (although a few of them would say they are not artists!).

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