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Paper & Notebooks

Paper & Notebooks

Recycled Copy Paper, Office Papers & Note Books

Paper use, despite the promise of the 'paperless office' is still responsible for over 15 million hectares of the Earth’s forests being cleared and chipped each year. In Australia most of the old growth forests have been cleared or logged, and wood-chipping for paper production continues to put pressure on native forests and water catchments; polluting rivers and reducing water supplies and biodiversity.

But there's a better alternative: using 100% Recycled Paper saves resources, energy, water and native forests. One tonne of this paper can save up to: • 60% water use • 2.5 barrels of oil • 2.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases • 27 kgs of air pollutants • 4 cubic metres of landfill/waste • up to 17 trees.

Using recycled paper is one way that you can lower your environmental impact by saving water, energy and trees.

Products in this category include:  Recycled Copy Paper; Recycled Coloured Paper, Matching Paper & Card Seeded Paper; Recycled Post-It Notes; Recycled Business Cards; Recycled Office/WritingPads; Recycled Note Books; Recycled Compendiums; Recycled Exercise Books and Binder Books; Recycled Art Pads & Sketch Books

Unwrapped planet Ark Paper 100%  Recycled, A4 - Bo...

Unwrapped planet Ark Paper 100% Recycled, A4 - Bo...

$35.29 Ex Tax:$35.29

Unwrapped planet Ark brand 100% Recycled, Australian Made White Copy Paper, 80gsm. FSC-certified recycled paper. Bright White. Waste is collected from homes, offices, industrial sites and includes printers and converters waste paper. Close the Loop and use Australian Recycled Copy Paper. For use in ..

Reflex 100% Recycled Australian Copy Paper A3 (rea...

Reflex 100% Recycled Australian Copy Paper A3 (rea...

$19.90 Ex Tax:$19.90

Reflex 100% Recycled White is a premium copy paper exclusively featuring Ink Wise™ to deliver a new standard in its print and paper performance. Reflex now delivers vibrant colours with no extra ink required. It is the superior paper choice for all your office and home needs.SizeA3Weight (GSM)80Shee..

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