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School Art & Craft Supplies

School Art & Craft Supplies

Eco Friendly School, Art and Craft Supplies

There are eco friendly alternative products across the art & crafts product ranges: from recycled art and sketch books, to soya crayons, plant-based paints, bamboo paint brushes, FSC-certified pencils, recycled colour paper and more. Try some enironmentally friendly art and craft materials today.

  • Eco Paints & Brushes
  • Soya Crayons
  • FSC-certified Graphite & Colour Pencils
  • Recycled Paper Graphite & Colour Pencils
  • Markers, Chalk, PVC-free Erasers
  • Tissue Paper, Raffia, Twine & Accessories
  • Art Pads & Sketch Books
  • Coloured & Specialty Paper

Eco Brown Recycled Envelopes 105mm square (Box of ...

Eco Brown Recycled Envelopes 105mm square (Box of ...

$119.00 Ex Tax:$119.00

Eco Brown 100% recycled paper envelopes; brown; square: 105 x 105mm; modified banker style with straight edges and v-flap; natural unbleached; Lick & Stick. Box of 500.As with all Australian made recycled brown or recycled kraft paper, the paper is brown/grey in colour and carry vary slightly in..

Recycled Ring Binder (A5)

Recycled Ring Binder (A5)

$3.55 Ex Tax:$3.55

NEW RANGE OF 100% RECYCLED RING BINDERS from BuyEcoGreen. No more plastic or vinyl - recycled ring binders are here. The best ring binders are made from strong recycled paper board, not plastic. These beautiful, natural recycled brown kraft paper binders are perfect for storing your A5 hole-punched ..

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