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School Art & Craft Supplies

School Art & Craft Supplies

Eco Friendly School, Art and Craft Supplies

There are eco friendly alternative products across the art & crafts product ranges: from recycled art and sketch books, to soya crayons, plant-based paints, bamboo paint brushes, FSC-certified pencils, recycled colour paper and more. Try some enironmentally friendly art and craft materials today.

  • Eco Paints & Brushes
  • Soya Crayons
  • FSC-certified Graphite & Colour Pencils
  • Recycled Paper Graphite & Colour Pencils
  • Markers, Chalk, PVC-free Erasers
  • Tissue Paper, Raffia, Twine & Accessories
  • Art Pads & Sketch Books
  • Coloured & Specialty Paper


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