About Us


BuyEcoGreen is a one–stop online specialist retailer featuring an amazing collection of innovative eco products for home, school, office, and art & craft. We aim to make it easy and cost effective to source the functional eco products you need to green your home, school, office or workplace. We help you to shop responsibly by doing the research and supplying the best genuine eco products around. We try to make it easy for you to satisfy your desire for more sustainable products that are competitive in price and performance.


BuyEcoGreen started as an online division of Ecopaper Pty Ltd, an innovative Australian company with a long history of over 20 years in recycled paper, stationery manufacture and marketing of eco products. The founders, Con, Moni and Dave, started with a passion to introduce more sustainable office and gift stationery products to the Australian market.  They helped prepare the market for the first locally made 100% recycled office papers and for many years led a lobbying and community education service with regard to recycled office papers. This passion has continued throughout the long journey and the ups and downs of the development of the green marketplace in Australia. Now our vision has grown to seeing people in homes, offices, schools and workplaces throughout Australia using eco products for their everyday needs and working and living more sustainably. In November 2018 Pratik then bought the business and moved it down to Melbourne for the start of a new era!


There are many suppliers of products for office, school, home, art & craft. What makes us different?

Firstly we are specialist eco product suppliers: we only supply eco products.  (This is unlike most others who may have recently added a ‘green catalogue’ or ‘green offer’ to their range which otherwise consists of 95% of conventional, problematic, non-green products.) We supply only eco products because we care and because we believe that only by switching completely to more sustainable and responsibly produced products can we make a difference in a world challenged by our past unsustainable practices, production and waste creation.

Secondly we take care in our business and in our own lives to ‘walk the walk’ and not just ‘talk the talk’. This means using 100% Greenpower, offsetting our carbon emissions from our operations and transport with C3 - Community Climate Chest and Greenfleet, ethical business practices & relationships, rainwater harvesting & reuse, recycling, composting, reusing and reducing packaging, minimisation of waste to landfill, and support for a number of aid and environmental organisations.

Finally we are dedicated to meeting your needs for more sustainable eco products to replace the more-readily available conventional products you have been used to. We do the research for you, source or sometimes even make the products, rate the products according to our environmental criteria and present them for your choice and purchase in an easy to use online shop.

Buy with confidence from BuyEcoGreen – real eco friendly products for Australia.