New to the Shop: biodegradable Hemp Twine

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Biodegradable Hemp twine comes in a range of amazing colours: Red, Green, Turquoise, Dusty Pink, Black, Rainbow and Earthy. The hemp twine spools are practical at 62.5 meters and are available at a great price for excellent value for money.

Hemp Twine is a great alternative to synthetic and cotton twines and is a preferred choice for gift wrapping, scrapbooking, making greeting cards and for other crafts. The dyes used are eco friendly and Azo-Free (azo compounds are a group of dyes that are potentially carcinogenic).

Did you know that hemp twine, cord and rope has been made and used by people for at least the last 10,000 years? One of the first plants ever cultivated, hemp proved to be easy to grow, versatile, and ideal for braiding into strong durable cords and rope. Indeed seafarers from ancient times relied on hemp ropes for the sea-worthiness, good handling, and security of their sails and ships.

Where does it come from? Hemp twine is made from the Cannabis sativa plant, otherwise known as traditional  or Common Hemp, which is grown to make goods such as clothing and textiles, cosmetics, food, paper, fuel, building materials, plastics and more.

See the range of Hemp Twine colours


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