Eco Rulers

Recycled and Biodegradable Rulers

So much plastic ends up in landfill after a short use. But most of this plastic can be given a longer life if collected, sorted and recycled. The recycled rulers in this range are made from recycled plastic, saving resources and extending the life of existing plastic polymer.

Alternatively rulers are also available made from biodegradable cornstarch instead of plastic. The advantage of the cornstarch ruler is that it can be composted at the end of it's life.  It’s your choice.

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Biodegradable Geometric Set Square | BuyEcoGreen Australia
Great innovation - Classic geometric set square which can also be used as a protractor. Made from..
Ex Tax: $3.00
Recycled Plastic Ruler
Recycled Plastic Ruler. 30cm.Made in Australia with a recycled plastic content of approx 80%. Colo..
Ex Tax: $2.00
Cornstarch Ruler 30cm
30cm Ruler made from 100% biodegradeable Cornstarch. (Includes printed message that the ruler is mad..
Ex Tax: $2.09
Biodegradable 30cm Ruler (clear)
30cm ruler made from clear, biodegradable corn starch. Recycled packaging. Printed with biodegradabl..
Ex Tax: $6.32
Biodegradable Cornstarch Set Square
Biodegradable Set Square; made from biodegradable cornstarch. Clear with markings. ..
Ex Tax: $9.05