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Save Energy & Money and Reduce your Impact with Eco Technology products

Save on your power bills and eliminate wasted stand-by power with the easy to use EcoSwitch. Want the power of Alkaline batteries without the toxic contents? Then use EcoAlkalines, the batteries with NO cadmium, lead or mercury. Want an iPhone case but not made of plastic? Then get a beautiful crafted sustainable Bamboo case. Need USB drives but would like to avoid the plastic cases - try USBs with Recycled Paper or Bamboo cases. And there's more to come!

Eco Printing Products (coming soon)

This is a difficult area to find good alternatives in, with so much cheap generic plastic products being imported. We all use printers and printers need constant resupply with new cartridges. Every year hundreds of thousands of cartridges are just thrown away, with only a small percentage being recycled. To reduce your impact here are a couple of products that at least reduce the environmental impact of all these cartridges:

  • For Ink Jet Printers - save money and resouces with Refiller ink kits. Guaranteed.
  • For Laser Printers - save money and resources with a range of remanufactured Toner Cartridges


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