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Eco Paint Kit - All natural colours

Eco Paint Kit - All natural colours

The Eco Paint Kit uses all natural pigments from a variety of different fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

The paint combines gum arabic (a natural watercolour binder), with all-natural botanical food colours that have been used in arts & crafts since historic times.

The colours come from beets, purple carrots, turmeric, and red cabbage, as well as beta-carotene from either oranges, tomatoes, carrots, or marigolds.

Another orange source is the annatto seed from South America, which has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes and can be traced as far back as the ancient Mayans. Annatto's deep orange colour is used today in cosmetics and to colour cheddar cheese!

Other colour sources include the gardenia fruit, and chlorophyll, which is extracted from alfalfa to make a grassy green.


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