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File, Pack & Clean

File, Pack & Clean

Recycled Files and Folders | Recycled Packaging and Tissue Paper | Recycled Toilet Paper & Kitchen Towels | Green Cleaning Products

Almost every form of paper filing and packaging product is now available in recycled paper products. Using recycled filing and packaging products saves tress, water and energy nd reduces paper waste. Document storage products don't need to be made of fossil-fuel based plastic or metal; now there are more sustainable storage products made from sustainable bamboo and from recycled paper. And there's no need to use plastic tape or strapping - try strong kraft paper tape, jute twine and natural raffia.

  • Recycled Manilla Folders
  • Recycled Document Wallets & Presentation Folders
  • Recycled Ring Binders, Dividers, Lever Arch Files & Suspension Files
  • Recycled and Sustainable Bamboo Document Storage
  • Recycled Wrapping & Tissue Paper
  • Padded Bags & Tubes
  • Recycled Packing Cartons
  • Paper Packing Tape
  • Recycled Paper Bags & Cello Bags
  • Twine & Raffia

Also Toilet Paper and Kitchen made from Recycled Paper. Use recycled paper and save trees, water and energy and reduce paper waste.

Plus a small range of powerful non toxic replacements for chemical based cleaners, containing only organic ingredients. Safe and biodegradable. The range includes kitchen and bathroom spray and wipe cleaners, disinfectant, floor cleaner and car wash. Eco friendly cleaning products, made in Australia.


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