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Energy Saving Devices

Energy Saving Devices

Want to save energy and money at the same time? It's easy with one of the range of easy to use energy saving devices and small smart meters for measuring your appliance and overall energy consumption.

Leaving your office equipment and home appliances on standby when you are not there wastes a lot of energy, resources and money and unecessarily adds to pollution from the energy production needed to power them. Save enegy and money with simple devices designed to make turning everything off so much simpler!

The EcoSwitch™ is an easy to use socket, plug and switch set that helps you to eliminate wasteful Stand-By power and save up to 10% of your energy bills at home, in the office - anywhere. Eliminates 100% of stand by power of all connected appliances. Approved to Aust/NZ standards and rated 4 Stars by Choice Magazine.

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