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Posted by on Sep 28, 2013 .

We recently supplied plain brown recycled Enviro Boxes for the 2013 CEO NSW Indigenous Education Conference held in Wollongong. The folder/boxes were then hand-painted by some of the Aboriginal Education Assistants that work in local schools. The idea was to have an original piece of art that was also unique, done by an Indigenous artist (although a few of them would say they are not artists!).

The document folders were then given to each lucky participant as part of their conference kit. They were able to use the folders to store the workshop handouts or other papers they collected over the 2 day conference. The conference is held every 2 years, and this year it was hosted by Wollongong Diocese with the theme: Awakening the Spirit through Sharing and Connecting to Country. Participants came from all over NSW, some travelling from as far as Wilcannia Forbes, Armidale, & Wagga Wagga.

What beautiful, inspiring artwork! And what an incredibly appropriate way to provide...

Posted by on Sep 27, 2013 .

In recent months we’ve been happy and able to support the following community groups or programs with discounts, donations or donated green office products:

  • The Bushfire Bereavement Program in Victoria run by Each – social and community health, Victoria
  • The Winclesea Baby and Children’s Market to raise funds for PANDA (Post and Antenatal Depression Association)
  • The Big Chill Out 2013 run by Vinnies for the Vinnies Food Van for the homeless in the Illawarra
  • Environmental Science Day at Nymboida Public School

Being a relatively small business there’s a definite limit to what we can do, meaning that only some requests can be fulfilled. But we take pleasure and some pride in making a small difference where we can. So thanks for your support of our online shop which makes it all possible.

Posted by on Aug 21, 2013 .

These beautiful crayons are made from beeswax and vegetable waxes; not petroleum paraffin wax.  Did you know that most wax crayons on the market are actually made from paraffin wax which is derived from fossil fuels (oil)?

In a pack of 12 vibrant colours Nawaro Wax Crayons are made from natural and sustainable waxes and other materials. Approx 8 cm long and ideal for children over 3 years. All colours are safe food colours. Made from a minimum of 25% pure beeswax, plus vegetable waxes, oils and stearine, lanolin, kaolin, and organic colour pigments. Made in Germany by ÖkoNorm to the highest standards.

Rated as 'Sehr Gut' (Very Good) in Germany's Öko Test (Eco Test) dated Feb 2012.

Posted by on Aug 21, 2013 .

Tired of using the cramped virtual keyboards on tablets, iPads, iPhones and other smartphones? Here's another option - use a stylus. Made from FSC-certified timber this unique Touch Pen or Stylus for use devices with  interactive touch screens is also a click pen for writing on paper. The push button top is made from TPE (a thermoplastic rubber). Black metal clip & trim. Suitable for all modern, capacitive touch screens. Great price point. Note that you need suitable apps to make use of the stylus function.

Why use a Stylus or Touch Pen?

  • there are apps that let you use your screen like a notepad – with handwriting – easier than typing on a cramped virtual keyboard
  • you can also get apps that let you draw freehand on screen, from simple sketches to intricate drawings and plans
  • you can sign PDFs needing a signature                                                         
  • it's also a fully functioning pen for writing on...

Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 .

Batteries are everywhere! In all sorts of home appliances and in offices: remotes, clocks, timers, smoke alarms, torches, weather stations, toys, power tools, cordless phones, laptops, mobile phones and more. But what can you do with them at the end of their lives? It’s been one of the most difficult recycling questions for decades – leading to millions of batteries simply going to landfill - but now there are at least some recycling options available, even if there is still no official national recycling scheme in place.

There are a wide range of battery types - Single-use batteries are usually alkaline batteries with Zinc, Manganese or Lithium chemistry. Rechargeable batteries are commonly Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride or Lithium Ion. Rechargeable batteries are found in the same shapes and voltage as single-use batteries, as well as specifically designed for laptops, mobile phones and electronic equipment. None of these battery types should be placed in the garbage bin...

Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 .
Going bananas about food waste

Recently we came across this great blog post about Food Waste, as seen in the life cycle of a banana, by Matthew Wright-Simon from Ecocreative. The infographic based on the life cycle of the banana is a novel and really informative way to demonstrate how much food we waste and the consequences.  Read more at

Posted by on Jun 04, 2013 .

Flat screen TVs and monitors now rule at home and in the office, but what is happening with the hundreds of thousands of old cathode ray TVs and monitors, old plasma and LCD screens and old PCs that have been thrown out by Australians in the past year or two?

Until a year ago there was very little local recycling available for these products and much of the eWaste ended up being exported to SE Asia for dismantling (often in sub-standard or dangerous conditions) or in Australian landfill.

But now Australians across the country can recycle their unwanted e-waste for free, with the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme being available in every state and territory.

What can be recovered and recycled from eWaste? Much of what's used to make computers can be recycled, yet more than 1.5 million are dumped in Australian landfill each year. Their re-usable materials include ferrous (iron-based) and non-ferrous metals, glass and various types of plastic. Almost 99% of...

Posted by on May 02, 2013 .

Whether you would like to make your own beautiful handmade paper for craft, invitations, writing paper, envelopes, gift tags and cards, bookmarks or greeting cards now you can with this high quality range of Australian Made professional Paper Making kits.

Recycle your own waste paper at home with an easy to use Paper Making kit! Join the thousands of home users who have revitalised the old craft of hand paper-making. Use the top quality Paper Making Set to produce your own unique paper to express your creativity and delight others with paper creations that can’t be bought of the shelf.

The Paper making Sets are hand-crafted in Australia from Australian plantation timber and strong stainless steel mesh. Unlike cheap imitations or toy sets, the use of stainless steel mesh means no sagging, no rust, and results in a long-term serious piece of equipment. The plantation grown timber is carefully finished and sealed with natural citrus-based oil to give added water resistance and...