Our customers love Seeded Paper!

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Seeded Paper is much loved by customers looking for a special paper and lasting experience for their invitations, thank yous, and promotions. Once the message has been read, the receiver can plant the paper and watch it grow! Some of the many seeds in the paper will germinate under the right conditions and the resulting seedlings can be planted in the garden as a constant reminder of the sender of the card. Available in a range of sizes starting from A4, the paper can be printed for promotions, invitations, special messages and more. Also available: A5 paper, C6 cards, DL cards, and Greeting Cards.

At BuyEcoGreen we supply Australian seeded paper made from 100% recycled fine handmade paper and containing seeds of Callistemon citrinus (Lemon-Scented Bottlebrush), or Brachycome iberidfolia (Swan River Daisy), or other common/widespread Australian natives.

Planting Instructions: Soak the paper or card in water until soft. Place card on seed raising mix (in pot or ground). Lightly cover with more mix, water and keep moist. Constant moisture and warmth are keys to success. Germination should take 7 - 21 days.

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