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Posted by on July 20, 2018 .

It’s easy to avoid plastic and to pack sustainably if you use sustainable materials: recycled or reused cartons, recycled shredded paper or GreenWrap as fill/protection, paper packing tape, and recycled paper shipping labels.

You can see all these products in our store:

Recycled Packing Cartons


Shredded Recycled Paper

Paper Packing Tape

Recycled Shipping Labels

Posted by on April 12, 2018 .

First a question: How could there be a crisis? We all put our yellow bins out for the council to collect our recyclables, and business does it’s bit don’t they? Then what’s the problem?

The problem is what happens after the waste paper, plastics, cans and bottles are bought back to the depot. Plastics is a good example – we consume about 3 million tonnes a year, but we only recycle about 12-14% .... and a lot of this was exported to China to be recycled there. Not just plastic either – Australia also exported waste paper, glass, textiles, ewaste and more to China.

And China has finally turned around and said: no more. They want to clean up their act and are no longer willing to accept all the low grade, contaminated dirty waste from Australia, the EU/UK and others (they previously took about 60% of the world’s contaminated mixed waste!. They are no longer willing to take the millions of container loads of baled unsorted plastics/paper/glass etc and reprocess them in China.

This has been coming for a long time, and we should have prepared for it, but suddenly Councils (in Victoria for example) are being told by the main collector of waste, Visy, that they...

Posted by on September 07, 2017 .

GreenWrap ExBox is a revolutionary new way of packaging items for sending by post or freight company. Greenwrap is a paper solution to a plastic problem. It replaces plastic bubble wrap and is much more environmentally responsible in its production, use, recycling and disposal. The box contains 134 meters of interleaved brown kraft paper with white tissue. The GreenWrap coming out of the dispenser box is expandable and compressable and can wrap your precious items securely and snugly, without the need for tape or other fill.

We're pleased to be able to add GreenWrap to our sustainable packaging solutions which includes recycled wrapping paper, recycled shredded paper, paper packing tape, jute twine, recycled packing cartons and more.

Every day it's becoming easier to avoid plastic in packaging.

Posted by on June 08, 2017 .

We've been looking for a source of brown recycled paper bags with external paper handles for some time. It's a popular customer request. Unfortunately they are not readily available in 100% recycled paper - at least in Australia. So we've now introduced a small range of bags that are made from 60% FSC-certified recycled paper and 40% FSC-certified kraft paper, as this is the highest percentage of recycled content that we could find.

There are 4 sizes in this brown recycled paper bag range, and they all come with side and bottom gussets for increased capacity. The smallest bag has flat paper handles, while the larger bags all have twisted loop paper handles for increased strength. The bags come in packs of 50 per size.

Many customers come to our store because they are looking for biodegradable see-through bags instead of plastic bags. They need the bags for selling greeting cards with envelopes, to package spices, or soaps, or cookies, and much more. We supply genuine cello bags made from biodegradable cellophane. Cellophane bags are made from pure plant cellulose, usually from wood fibre, but they can be made from a wide range of plant fibres, e.g. flax, cotton, and hemp. Before plastic came on the scene, cellophane ruled - nearly all small foodstuffs, spices, paper and cards etc were sold in real cellophane bags. 

But, from enquiries that we receive at BuyEcoGreen it’s obvious that there’s a lot of confusion about the other ‘cello bags’ known as Cello BOPP bags and whether these are also biodegradable and a real alternative to plastic bags.

When plastic entered the scene, it was both cheaper and stronger because of the long chains of polymers derived from fossil fuels (crude oil). Plastic bags rapidly started to supplant the original cello bags. But, unfortunately, the bag trade and the plastic manufactures continued to use the term ‘Cello Bags’ for the new plastic bags...

Posted by on May 05, 2017 .

Many customers come to our store because they are looking for Australian Made recycled brown paper for menus, invitations, cards, swing tags and more. This is what we supply. Recycled paper saves trees, energy and water and reduces waste going to landfill. But, from enquiries that we receive at BuyEcoGreen it’s obvious that there’s a lot of confusion about that other brown paper known as ‘Kraft Paper’ and whether it is recycled.

Brown Kraft paper is made from trees (not wastepaper!). The trees are chemically treated (pulped) to remove the lignin (binding material) in the tree fibre. Up to half the weight of the trees is removed in this way. The paper ends up as naturally brown unless you bleach it. If you do bleach it, you can get white kraft paper as used in white paper bags. Kraft paper is strong, so it’s commonly used in packaging and paper bags, and therefore has its place. But it’s not recycled.

Even some sellers of brown paper get it wrong (you can see this at times in marketplaces like ebay): they sometimes call plain brown kraft paper ‘recycled’ when it’s actually made directly from tree fibre. No wonder that ordinary buyers of paper are...

Posted by on January 30, 2017 .

Recently we were pleased to support the Orangutan Project with cool green products for their fund-raising showbags at the up-coming Royal Canberra Show in February . The project is a registered not-for-profit organisation that raises funds and awareness to support orangutan conservation, rainforest protection, local community partnerships and the rehabilitation and reintroduction of displaced orangutans back to the wild. The orangutans’ rainforest habitat is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Eighty per cent of the rainforest has been decimated in the past 20 years. Much of what remains is degraded by drought, forest fires and illegal logging. Tragically, extinction in the wild is likely for orangutans within the next ten years if we do not take immediate action. To learn more, visit

Posted by on January 30, 2017 .

Perfect for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, birthdays, special events or just for everyday. Small 40mm Heart gift or swing tags with a hole for twine or string. Made from 100% recycled paper: black one side and natural eco brown on the other.