Just because it’s a ‘Cello Bag’ doesn’t mean it’s made from real Cellophane

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Many customers come to our store because they are looking for biodegradable see-through bags instead of plastic bags. They need the bags for selling greeting cards with envelopes, to package spices, or soaps, or cookies, and much more. We supply genuine cello bags made from biodegradable cellophane. Cellophane bags are made from pure plant cellulose, usually from wood fibre, but they can be made from a wide range of plant fibres, e.g. flax, cotton, and hemp. Before plastic came on the scene, cellophane ruled - nearly all small foodstuffs, spices, paper and cards etc were sold in real cellophane bags. 

But, from enquiries that we receive at BuyEcoGreen it’s obvious that there’s a lot of confusion about the other ‘cello bags’ known as Cello BOPP bags and whether these are also biodegradable and a real alternative to plastic bags.

When plastic entered the scene, it was both cheaper and stronger because of the long chains of polymers derived from fossil fuels (crude oil). Plastic bags rapidly started to supplant the original cello bags. But, unfortunately, the bag trade and the plastic manufactures continued to use the term ‘Cello Bags’ for the new plastic bags which replaced the genuine cellophane bags. This has led to much confusion in the marketplace. So-called 'cello BOPP bags' are not made from cellophane. They are cheap plastic (polypropylene) bags made from fossil fuels/crude oil. Only cellulose based bags are genuine cellophane bags.

You can tell real cellophane bags: they will tear, unlike plastic which will stretch. In Australia the real cello bags don’t come with self-seal: all the self-seal bags you’ll see are really plastic. To seal open ended cellophane bags, biodegradable Sellotape can be used (which we also supply), or twist ties or rubber bands etc depending on the contents. And like other paper products, cellophane will break down in compost conditions and is biodegradable.

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