Seeded Vegie Paper A4 (Carrot) (Pack of 20 sheets)

Seeded Vegie Paper A4 (Carrot) (Pack of 20 sheets)
Seeded Vegie Paper A4 (Carrot) (Pack of 20 sheets) Seeded Vegie Paper A4 (Carrot) (Pack of 20 sheets)
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100%  Recycled Handmade Paper containing seeds of the vegetable, Carrot. A4 size approx 210 x 297 mm. Can be printed for promotions, invitations etc. Once the message has been read, the receiver can plant the paper and watch it grow!

Some of the many seeds in the paper will germinate under the right conditions and the resulting vegie seedlings can be planted in the garden as a constant reminder of the sender of the paper.

Carrots are one of the easiest vegies to grow. They don't take up much space, so even if you have only a small patch of sunny ground available, you can get a small crop of carrots growing. Carrots (Daucus carota ssp. sativus) grow better if planted as seed: you need to prepare the soil though, as carrots need deep, well-drained soil. Best time for planting in Australia is from August to March in temperate climes. Carrots take about 3 weeks to show themselves and the first leaves look like grass.

Pack of 20 sheets A4

NOTE for WA customers only: WA Quarantine have imposed a $39.50 inspection fee! Although we attach all necessary documentation to the package, the inspection fee is now a legislative requirement. If you are from Western Australia and order seeded paper please be aware that you may be sent a bill for the fee. We can accept no liability for this fee; so please be aware of this added cost for you when you place an order.

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